IMEI code database will be created in Russia to regulate mobile devices

20 September 2017
Rossvyaz plans to start blocking stolen and grey phones. The agency is already studying the possibility of creating a single database of international mobile equipment identifier codes (IMEI). It is reported that in addition to white and black lists of IMEI codes, the database will contain information on subscriber numbers and SIM-card identifiers. It is necessary to avoid erroneous blocking of gadgets. The thing is that IMEI numbers of different manufacturers can coincide, which makes the blocking of devices by this code simply impractical. It is known that in order to regulate the trafficking of stolen or illegally imported phones in Russia, first of all it is planned to prohibit the sale of devices without IMEI on the territory of the country. The next step will be the preparation of appropriate changes to the customs legislation of the EAEU. It is expected that this will be followed by the introduction of responsibility for flashing of gadgets, creating a register of IMEI and interaction with mobile operators. The Central Research Institute of Communication can take care of the creation of the IMEI register. Recall that the same organization is currently responsible for the database of ported phone numbers.