The long-awaited release of the iOS 11 operating system has taken place

20 September 2017

It hasn't been long since Apple unveiled three new smartphones at once, and the Cupertino giant is already delighting fans with a new mobile operating system. According to the developers, iOS 11 will open up new, amazing features for both the iPhone and the iPad.

Developers say that the true capabilities of the iPad are revealed only after installing the new iOS 11. Despite the absence of any global changes, many small innovations in general make the work with the gadget even more convenient and pleasant. For example, now in the application "Files", where all documents will be stored, there will be a special section for recently used files from iPad, as well as from other iOS-gadgets and even cloud storage. Also, the updated operating system will bring a new Dock panel, which will be available from any screen and will allow you to quickly launch the necessary applications in Split View mode and switch between them.

We should add that the iPad gadgets got support for drag and drop. The new Multi-Touch support takes into account the large iPad display and Multi-Touch capabilities. This means users can drag and drop several objects to any position on the screen. It's also even easier to use the Apple Pencil. For example, you can now create sketches and quickly save them in the Notes app, and when you draw on existing notes, typed text will automatically be moved to the side to make room for sketches.

Also available to iPad users are multiple augmented reality enhancements, an updated QuickType keyboard that eliminates the need to switch layouts and a scanning feature with document signing capabilities. But that doesn't mean iPhones are left with nothing. Apple smartphones have also acquired a number of interesting features. For example, the camera app has been improved. Now it has a lot of new filters, and thanks to the introduction of compression technology, you can halve the amount of memory occupied by photos. Live Photos has also become noticeably more expressive and interesting, thanks to a number of new modes.

The App Store has also undergone improvements. The completely redesigned App Store will now offer daily selections, compiled by the company's editors, as well as a handy list of apps by topic. Quite a pleasant innovation, considering the fact that the updated iTunes will not be able to help downloading applications for iOS, finally turning into a media player.

Other new features in iOS 11 include an improved Siri assistant, which has learned to speak even more realistically and got additional voices, the new AirPlay 2, which got the ability to control the sound for each room individually, an improved lock screen, control point and Do Not Disturb mode, which will not distract from the road while traveling in the car.

In addition, iOS 11 offers new tools for developers. ARKit will help embed augmented reality elements into mobile apps, while Core ML will help create products that take full advantage of machine learning technology.

It is worth adding that the update to iOS 11 will get all gadgets iPhone 5S and newer. Everyone can already install the new version of the operating system.