Torrent tracker The Pirate Bay uses visitors' PCs to mine cryptocurrencies

19 September 2017
Torrent tracker The Pirate Bay, known to Internet users from around the world, has found a new way to monetize. The administration of the resource began to mine the cryptocurrency. However, unlike most miners, they decided to justify the name of the tracker and, like real pirates, "boarded" users' computers and made them work for themselves.According to the information, published by the Torrent Freak resource, the Pirate Bay administration implemented Javascript-miner, which uses CPU power to mine Monero cryptocurrency. It is reported that some users of the tracker also noticed a decrease in CPU power when visiting the site. However, we are referring only to some of its pages - for example, when viewing the search results and the list of categories, while the main page has not received any complaints. The tracker representatives explained that they were testing a new way to monetize. Later, on The Pirate Bay site appeared a message in which the administration of the resource explained the introduction of miner by the desire to abandon advertising on the site. Also, users were invited to share their opinions in the comments to the entry about which monetization method was more preferable for them.