VK Mobile doubles the amount of mobile traffic included in the tariff

19 September 2017
Surely many people remember that back in July of this year, after a short testing period, a virtual cellular operator from VKontakte was launched. Since then, VK Mobile offers 2 GB of mobile traffic and quite unprofitable communication with subscribers of other operators - each minute will cost 1.6 rubles. Finally, the representatives of the company revised the terms of the tariff plan, making it more profitable.Updated version of the tariff will include 4 GB of mobile traffic, and will also provide 100 minutes of free calls to any numbers in Russia. Besides, the amount of monthly subscription fee will not change and will make 399 rubles per month. New conditions will be effective September 28, and will affect not only new VK Mobile users, but also the existing ones. Recall, VK Mobile operates on the infrastructure of MegaFon. Its SIM-card can be purchased for 450r, which will be added to the personal account. At the same time, all subscribers of the virtual operator get unlimited access to VKontakte, extending to embedded videos from other sites, such as YouTube, as well as broadcasts VK Live. In addition, VK Mobile provides a free subscription to the music service Boom with the ability to save your favorite music in the memory of the gadget, a monthly set of stickers, as well as 50% cashback for purchasing stickers and gifts VKontakte.