Apple will reduce the number of useless iOS apps in the App Store

18 September 2017
It seems that Apple representatives are seriously concerned about the problem of the abundance of useless applications in the App Store on the eve of the release of new iPhones. Now it's forbidden to add misleading products to the app store, and software already in the catalog is subject to deletion.Despite the fact that the App Store previously had rules prohibiting the publication of such applications, developers found loopholes and put their software in the catalog. In this case, we are talking not only about blatantly meaningless programs, but also about products that do not provide access to the declared services or features. Some of the most prominent examples are the pacifier antiviruses for iOS. In addition, Apple has introduced new rules regarding ARKit and Face ID. Thus, the company requires all published ARKit-enabled apps to provide rich functionality, so developers who plan to work in this area will have to try hard to get into the App Store. In addition, programs that use Face ID must offer an alternative method of unlocking, especially for children under the age of 13. These are far from all the changes in the rules of the Cupertino giant. For example, Apple has finally banned the publication of applications that promote human trafficking and exploitation of children, and simplified money transfers between users, saving the latter from having to pay the company a 30% commission of the amount. We can only hope that the changes described above will really help make the Apple App Store cleaner and free users from many of the complications previously observed.