Videos with sound will stop playing automatically in Google Chrome in early 2018

18 September 2017
Many people have probably experienced the inconvenience of suddenly launching a video in any of the open tabs in their browsers. Such cases are especially unpleasant if there are loud sounds in the video. Finally, the developers of Google Chrome presented their solution - since the beginning of 2018, the browser will stop automatically playing videos with sound.It is worth noting that we are talking about videos with sound. If there is no audio track, nothing will interfere with the automatic playback of the clip. Moreover, if users add a site to exclusion list, Google Chrome will continue to run any video in normal mode automatically. It is expected that the innovation will be implemented in several stages. For example, Chrome version 63 will include a feature that allows you to permanently mute certain sites. Then, in version 64, audio playback will be available only with user's permission. It is reported that the release of a stable build of Chrome 64 is scheduled for January 2018. That's when everyone will be able to try the innovation.