In Russia it is proposed to reduce the speed of access to resources that violate the laws

14 March 2017
Many people have probably become accustomed to various resources being blocked in Russia for violating certain laws. The reasons may vary: from the content of banned content to the refusal to transfer personal data of Russians to servers located on the territory of our country. Nevertheless, lawmakers faced the problem of inexpediency of blocking some offending resources, including, for example, Google and YouTube. It was proposed to use new restrictive measures against such companies.In particular, it was proposed to slow down access to offending resources. It is not, of course, about pages with illegal content, but about the sites of foreign IT corporations that refuse to comply with the requirements of the Russian courts. In most cases, they motivate their refusal to cooperate by the laws of the countries in which they are registered. It is reported that this way it is planned to force violators to start a dialogue and eliminate violations as soon as possible. Nevertheless, it is too early to scare ordinary users. The fact is that experts agree that these measures are too difficult to implement and, consequently, are unlikely to be adopted. Also, Alexey Volin, the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, stated that the idea to slow down access to the resources violating the Russian legislation is "technically unrealizable". It is more likely that fines will be multiplied against violators.