A new ransomware Trojan GandCrab is rampaging online

30 August 2018
ESET, a developer of antivirus solutions, reports about a new ransomware Trojan. According to the published information, the Trojan is disguised as a program for hacking popular games and other programs, such as Minecraft, Counter Strike, StarCraft, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, etc. The ransomware collects information about the system and encrypts files on hard drives, external drives and even drives on other computers in the local network that are connected to the infected system. It then locks the computer and displays a ransom message. Moreover, it also deletes Windows backups, so that the user cannot restore anything. The Trojan is not squeamish about almost any files. It encrypts documents, databases, photos, videos and audio files. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that there is currently no way to recover files. Therefore, ESET specialists strongly recommend not to download "cracked" or cracked versions of licensed programs to avoid probable infection of your computer.