Facebook Watch will be available worldwide on August 30

30 August 2018
Yesterday, a Facebook spokesperson announced that today, August 30, the Facebook Watch video platform will become available to users of the social network around the world. It is a new platform where author shows, podcasts, video blogs and even online broadcasts are posted. Content creators can monetize their videos by joining the Ad Breaks affiliate program. According to the partnership agreement between Facebook and content creators, Facebook gets 45% of income from advertising. Unlike YouTube, where absolutely any user can post his videos, Facebook video hosting is created specifically for professional content creators: shows, podcasts, etc. Other users can watch videos, comment on them, communicate with authors. However, Facebook decided to make some indulgences and reduced the entry threshold for creators. Now in order to sign a partnership agreement the creator of the video must have at least 10 thousand subscribers and gain 30 thousand views for at least one minute over the last two months. Facebook Watch platform was launched exactly a year ago and is only available on the territory of the USA. According to the company, the monthly share of the video hosting is 50 million users. The company also said it intends to spend $1 to $2 billion on new content for its platform.