Google Play was scrutinized by Doctor Web

31 August 2018
The fight against malicious Android apps is in full swing. Google regularly removes reams of all kinds of malicious and dangerous software from its store. Nevertheless, new ones appear with equal regularity, if not more frequently. The latest check of the store by Doctor Web specialists revealed more than a hundred new applications that fraudulently steal users' money by subscribing to paid services and services. They masquerade as ordinary, useful or popular applications, such as clients of shopping networks, services, etc. After installation they ask the user to enter their phone number under different pretexts. Having received the phone number, they sign the user up for paid services, which are often very expensive. Despite the great effort Google puts into filtering and combating such applications, there are not fewer of them, as the criminals put just as much effort into creating new ones. They use a variety of tricks and come up with new schemes to steal money from careless users. Doctor Web recommends paying attention to the developer's name, publication date and other users' comments before installing a new application. In this way you can significantly reduce the likelihood of installing a malicious application on your smartphone.