"VKontakte now allows you to make your profile completely private

03 September 2018

As many of you have probably heard, last month VKontakte announced a major privacy reform. Finally, the relevant innovation has been officially launched, and everyone can protect their profile from unwanted visitors.

The social networking team has introduced new privacy settings. This means that all users can now make their profiles completely private, hiding them from strangers. Information on the pages will only be available to friends, while everyone else will only be able to see a minimum of information.

It is reported that visitors to private pages will only be able to see the user's first name, last name, main photo, as well as the total number of publications without being able to view them. There will also be a list of common friends, status, city, place of work and age, if the corresponding data was specified by the owner of the page.

It is expected that the inability to see published materials on private pages will protect their owners from criminal cases for reposting. Another innovation serves the same purpose. Now, the list of people who have shared this or that record is available only to the author of the publication or the administration of the community where it appeared. Although closed profiles will be counted in the corresponding counter, they will not be found in the list.

You can make your profile private in privacy settings in web version or in official mobile applications of VKontakte. Everyone can try out the innovations in practice.