A web version of the Google Allo messenger will appear soon

10 July 2017
Allo is a messenger developed by Google, available to Android and iOS users, and provides a number of original features. It has a function of smart answers, which itself selects the most appropriate answers for the interlocutor, the ability to resize the text of the message on the fly for a more accurate transfer of emotions and integration with the virtual assistant Google, which will help get the necessary information right in the dialogue window.First time about the development of the desktop version of the messenger became known back in February this year from Nick Fox, who heads the communications department of Google. In May he tweeted that a public version was going to be released in "a month or two". On June 8, Amit Phulei also tweeted that the web version would be released "in a few weeks. What caused the delay is anyone's guess, but by the looks of it, we won't have long to wait.