Sony is shutting down its music recognition service TrackID

10 July 2017
The TrackID application is part of a set of pre-installed applications that owners of Sony smartphones receive. With its help, you can recognize a tune, find out the name and artist of the song, listen to music, watch music videos, read biographies and even save tracks in Spotify. The service was launched back in 2006, and will be closed on September 15, 2017, after 11 years of work. Although the company did not name any reasons for the decision to close the service, it is safe to assume that it was due to stiff competition with other music recognition services Shazam. With the advent of Shazam (available for both Android and iOS), TrackID almost had no chance. The new service very quickly overtook Sony's application by all parameters and took over the market, displacing the Japanese manufacturer. As a result Sony decided to close its service, and notified its users about it via the application. It must be said that TrackID is not the first service, which support was stopped by the company. Earlier it had already curtailed Live on YouTube and PlayMemories Online series, which were also available to owners of Xperia series smartphones.