Yandex is working on a Russian-speaking smart speaker

07 July 2017
Smart speakers, or smart speakers, have become a trend in recent years. Amazon (Echo, also known as Alexa), Google (Google Home), and Apple (HomePod) have their own devices. A number of other major companies are also actively developing their own interactive assistants for the home. But they all have one big disadvantage - they do not "speak" the Russian language (at least for now). Yandex has decided to correct this situation. The official representative of the company said the following: "We are confident that the future belongs to the voice interface, we have the necessary technologies: speech recognition and speech synthesis, advanced dialog systems, and artificial intelligence." Indeed, in May of this year, testing of a voice assistant, or rather assistant, Alice for the Android OS began. She will probably also be the brain of the future device. It is to be hoped that the smart speaker from Yandex will not be inferior in functionality to its foreign counterparts, and will also be able to perform verbal commands, search for information on the Internet, report on the weather and traffic congestion, make purchases, etc.