Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has lost its most anticipated feature

07 July 2017
One of the most anticipated innovations that Windows 10 users should have received with the release of the Fall Creators Update is the Timeline feature. However, as we learned from a recent interview with Joe Belfiore, the man in charge of Windows 10, it will not be part of the update and has been postponed indefinitely. This feature will primarily benefit those who use multiple Windows 10 devices. Timeline shows a visual timeline of the desktop, which saves the work session (open windows, applications, files, etc.) and allows you to quickly go to the desired session, even if it was started on another device. Thus, users can start work on one computer and then switch to another and continue it from the same place. Synchronization of data is done through the virtual assistant Cortana. This means that sessions can be synchronized not only between Windows 10 computers, but also with Android and iOS devices. It's also worth noting that Timeline allows not only to synchronize a work session between multiple devices, but also to "rewind time," accessing and working with earlier sessions. According to Belfiore, this feature will be available to participants of the Windows Insider program soon after the Fall Creators Update, later this year. That is, for now, it is only in the testing phase. When it will be available to all Windows 10 users is still unknown.