Apple overtakes Microsoft in the browser race

06 July 2017
Microsoft is actively trying to promote its new browser, which has replaced the fading Internet Explorer, but most users still consider it "the best browser to download Google Chrome. And that's far from the biggest problem, as it turns out. The other problem is market share. According to a StatCounter survey last month, Google Chrome has 62.23% of the Web browser market, followed by Firefox by a whopping 13.98%. In third place is Internet Explorer with only 9.28%, which is steadily declining not only because it actively promotes Edge among users, but also due to a lack of updates.Now begins the most interesting part. The Apple Safari web browser, which is available only to macOS users (support for the Windows version was discontinued long ago), is used by 5.15% of the world's computers, while Edge is used by only 3.89% of users. This is despite Microsoft's best efforts to promote its new browser. Moreover, these figures are even more surprising if we look at the distribution of the market between Apple and Microsoft operating systems. For example, Windows is used by 84.32% of users worldwide, while macOS is used by 11.59%. On the other hand, this is to be expected. The majority of Apple users prefer Safari, because it provides high performance and a lot of useful things. Microsoft's browser couldn't boast of such features, so Windows users prefer to browse the web through Chrome or Firefox. But maybe the situation will change soon, because Microsoft is actively developing Edge and promises that it will get better with every update. We'll see.