Microsoft will remind Windows 10 users to upgrade to the latest version

06 July 2017
It is very important that the operating system, and all computer software in general, be updated to the latest versions. This importance is due not only to fixing all sorts of bugs, but also to the fact that developers, with patches and updates, quite often patch security holes and eliminate vulnerabilities. However, not all users keep up to date with the software they use every day. There may be different reasons for this: negligence, ignorance, etc. It seems, however, that Microsoft has decided to try to correct this situation, at least partially. Now, if you have the very first version of Windows 10 (build number 1507) installed on your computer, you will receive notifications from the developer about the need to update the operating system. First of all this is due to the fact that the maintenance period of this build is coming to an end. Microsoft writes: "We remind you that support for the first version of Windows 10 is coming to an end. While you will be able to continue to use this version and your computer will work as normal, you will no longer receive monthly updates that provide protection against the latest types of threats. Your computer must have a recent update installed to be secure. If your computer is not up to date, we will start notifying you to update." It is not yet known what form these notifications will take.