Ad support returns to the social network VKontakte

26 January 2017
All long-time users of VKontakte probably caught and can remember the numerous innovations that were introduced into the social network. Some of them caught on, while others had to be abandoned by the developers. One such feature is the submission of ads, which became unavailable back in 2011. Now, the relevant section has reappeared in the social network. The return of ads was announced by the director of e-commerce VKontakte: Yuri Ivanov. According to him, in the past, this section had to be abandoned to work on more important projects. Now, anyone can regain access to it and sell or buy any goods even easier.In the "Goods" section, located on the left menu of the social network, there is now a single catalog of communities and ordinary users' ads. Upon opening it, visitors will first see ads submitted by their friends, as well as friends of friends, which allows them to buy an item from a friend. Also, there is an option to choose to display only products of friends. If the goods you need are not available from your friends, you can use the convenient search. You can add the goods you like to the list of favorites, and to buy them, just click on the button "Write to the seller" and agree on the deal.Start selling certain things through a social network is also very easy. To do this, you only need to enter the section "Goods" and click on "Submit an Ad". Also, you can put the item for sale when creating a new post by clicking on "More" and then a new item "Goods".Both for selling and buying users, the developers have prepared a convenient and clear instructions that you can read in case you have difficulties. It is worth adding that to make the possibility to submit ads in social network even more attractive will help the recently implemented system of money transfers, which allows you to pay for purchases even faster and more secure. You can try out the new features now, and a unified catalog of products for the mobile version of the social network and its official applications will appear in the coming months.