Facebook will have groups with paid access

22 June 2018
Representatives of Facebook have announced the imminent launch of a new feature. However, first of all it will be interesting only for group administrators, while for ordinary users it may become a disappointment.We are talking about the launch of a paid subscription to groups by the social network team. This means that administrators of certain communities will be able to assign paid access with exclusive membership. Subscriptions are expected to cost between $4.99 and $29.99 per month. That said, the innovation will not affect free groups. You will not have to pay for access to them, but the administration will be able to launch a paid subgroup with exclusive content. It is reported that it will be possible to manage subscriptions through the official mobile application of Facebook. For now, the innovation is at the testing stage and is only available for a small number of groups. When it will be officially launched for everyone - is not known yet.