VKontakte has a counter for post views

15 March 2017
It's no secret that VKontakte is the largest social network in Europe. In order to maintain this status and attract new users, the developers are constantly introducing new and interesting functions. So now, the social network has acquired a tool that allows even more accurate tracking of the reaction to certain publications.We are talking about a new counter of views. In contrast to the "likes", it allows you to track the number of users who simply saw a post. At the same time, the counter does not require any action on the part of the reader. As soon as a certain post is viewed, it will be instantly reflected in the statistics, which, by the way, is displayed a bit to the right of the counter of reposts. It is worth adding that information about the number of views is displayed not only under the posts on personal pages of users, but also in communities, and it can be viewed not only by the author, but also by everyone. The innovation has already been officially launched and is available both in the web version of the social network and in the official applications of VKontakte.