Google Chrome is even more energy efficient, thanks to reduced resource consumption by background tabs

16 March 2017
Many PC users still choose not to use Google Chrome because of its extreme voraciousness. If we are talking about laptop owners, the excessive power consumption of the program also plays an important role for them, which leads to a rapid discharge of the device. It seems that in the new version of Chrome 57 the developers have taken some measures to eliminate these difficulties.The update reduces resource consumption by background tabs, reducing the CPU load for processing them to 1%. This will help significantly increase the battery life of the laptop even with constant use of the browser. Google experts say that the innovation will not interfere for those who are used to listening to music online while surfing the Internet. Such tabs, even when working in the background mode, will not be affected. According to representatives of Google, the innovation is able to relieve the processor at least 25%. At the same time, even the approximate data on how much it will improve battery life, were not announced. Anyone can already check how much longer you can now use Google Chrome without charging your laptop by installing the latest version of the browser.