Website owners may fall victim to a new type of fraud

16 March 2017
Nowadays, the Internet is increasingly being used to make money, and not always legally. The number of fraudsters and the new schemes they develop grows every day, and one of them was recently disclosed by Doctor Web.This time the victims of cybercriminals may not be ordinary users of any resources, but the owners of websites. Cybercriminals have already started sending emails suggesting to increase a website's position in search results. Moreover, the offers allegedly come from representatives of "Yandex".According to experts, criminals may have used the contact database of Internet resources to organize this mailing. In addition, the mailing was performed from a Yandex Mail registered mailbox, and the letters and pages through which it is offered to make a transaction are stylized as typical Yandex services, which may mislead many people. Of course, after paying for the service, the victim will not get the promised increase in position of their site. According to Doctor Web's representatives, scammers use several leased IP-addresses, each of which is tied to more than a hundred web pages to make money transfers. No information about the number of victims has been received yet.