Extended support for Windows Vista will end in less than a month

17 March 2017
Very soon, Microsoft will hammer the last nail in the coffin of Windows Vista. After the end of the extended support period, the OS will stop receiving security updates and will become even more vulnerable to viruses and other threats.Windows Vista caused a negative reaction from most users immediately after its release. Owners of relatively old or low-powered computers complained about very long loading time of the operating system itself and low performance in general. Nevertheless, the OS has its supporters. Indeed, on more modern PCs it demonstrated good results, and thanks to Windows Aero, which caused a sharp increase in system requirements, made the work on the computer much more pleasant. In spite of all this now the operating system occupies only about 0.78% of the market. The extended support for Windows Vista will end in less than a month: on April 11 of this year. We would like to remind you that for ordinary users it means the impossibility to get further important security updates for the system, which will make it vulnerable to intruders. Incidentally, the level of protection in browsers will also decrease. Internet Explorer will stop getting patches, and Google Chrome has already stopped getting updates on outdated operating systems earlier this year. It is worth adding that in the near future Mozilla Firefox will follow suit. Thus, using Windows Vista will soon become simply unsafe. Therefore, all those who have not yet done so are recommended to install a more modern version of the OS. However, given the solid age of "Vista", to update many may need to replace the computer, especially if we are talking about buying a device with Windows 10 on board.