Ukraine may have a replacement for "VKontakte" and "Odnoklassniki

22 May 2017
Not so long ago, the President of Ukraine approved the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to expand the sanctions list against Russian individuals and legal entities. At the same time, such popular social networks as VKontakte and Odnoklassniki were banned in the country. Many were sure that this would be followed by statements about the launch of their Ukrainian counterpart and, it seems, it finally happened.While a loud statement was expected from the Ukrainian authorities, the launch of the Ukrainian social network, already called "Ukrainians", was talked about in Canada. Representatives of the company StartupSoft offered to create a web version of the social network, as well as applications for Android and iOS in just 4 months. However, to get started, they need guarantees that the project is really in demand. It is reported that for the beginning of the work, the experts from StartupSoft have set a goal to collect 50,000 votes by June 1. Nevertheless, the site has already collected more than 60,000 signatures. Thus, a team of 30 Canadian programmers will begin work on the social network "Ukrainians". At the same time, experts note that it is unlikely to create their own analogue of "VKontakte", at least close in popularity to the original. It would require not only the creation of a site, but also to provide the same or even a greater number of features, which would take not just some four months, but the whole years of constant work to improve the product. Moreover, even with Russian social networks blocked, you should not expect an instant influx of millions of users.