Yandex has developed its own voice assistant, dubbed "Alice

22 May 2017
The development of our own voice assistant seems to have become a matter of honor for all major IT companies. For example, the most popular of these have been Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft, Assistant from Google, and Alexa from Amazon. Now, they may have a serious, and most importantly, domestic competitor.We are talking about Alice, the assistant developed by Yandex. As with its competitors, the assistant can search for information on the Internet, as well as provide weather forecasts and build convenient routes from one point of the city to another. At the same time, "Alice" perfectly responds to voice commands. Fans have fun with Siri will have to taste the assistant ability to support simple dialogue, as well as the presence of the rudiments of a sense of humor. It is reported that the work on the assistant is not completed yet, and over time, the accuracy of the answers and a set of "Alice" will increase. Despite the fact that the official release has not yet held, to try out the "Alice" can all comers. To do this, you only need to install the beta version of the "Yandex" application on your Android-gadget.