Viber has the long-awaited feature of changing numbers without losing data

18 August 2017
Until recently, Viber users were tied to a phone number once specified in the messenger. However, in the last update number 7.3, the developers allowed to create a backup copy of the data in order to transfer it to new accounts. Now, changing the number has become even more convenient.In the latest version of Viber, the developers made it even easier to change the phone number, saving contacts, correspondence history, as well as sets of stickers. To do this, just go to Settings, then select "Account" and there click on "Change phone number".The program will specify whether the user has only changed the phone number, or whether a new mobile device will be used. In the second case, Viber will offer to create a backup copy of the data in order to quickly restore all important data on the new gadget. The new version of Viber number 7.4 is already available for download and the number change with saving all contacts and correspondence history is available for everyone.