The social network "Odnoklassniki" now allows you to share your mood

18 August 2017
The Odnoklassniki social network team has prepared another surprise for users. Thanks to a new feature, sharing your mood with friends will become even easier and more interesting.The corresponding function is called "Moods". With its help, users can publish new posts with bright pictures and emoji, as well as complement them with text. You can choose from the following moods - "Happy", "Mopey", "Angry", "Sick", "Falling asleep", "Missing", "Celebrating", "Love", "Going on vacation soon" and "I want gifts". Also, users with paid subscription "VIP status" will be able to use additional, animated moods - "Everything is maddening", "Goddess", "I want love", "I want summer" and "Cool". At first, only users of the desktop and mobile versions of the social network will be able to publish "Moods". In Odnoklassniki mobile applications for Android and iOS the corresponding feature will appear a little later.