Tekken fighting game prepares to conquer mobile devices

21 August 2017
Users of mobile devices have recently become available to many once popular console and computer games. We are talking not only about such legends as Mega Man and coolly received fans Super Mario Run, but also about a number of representatives of other genres. Not without attention and fighting games. One of the most striking representatives of the genre - Tekken, will soon get a mobile version.We are talking about the official mobile version of Tekken, developed by Bandai Namco. It is already known that in addition to the story campaign, the game will get a multiplayer. In addition, players will be invited to try their hand at daily, weekly and monthly challenges, as a reward for completing which can unlock new fighters and other bonuses. Tekken mobile version will please players with a huge selection of 100 fighters, each with their own fighting style. By the way, if you want you can create your own style and unlock more than 20 special moves. It's worth adding that users from Canada can already download Tekken for both Android and iOS. Everyone else is still invited to leave a request to download the game on the official site. The more players pre-register, the more a variety of bonuses will be available to them after the official release. When the popular fighting game will be available in Russia - we can only guess at the moment. Let's hope that the waiting for the launch of the game in our country will not take as long as it happened to Pokemon Go, and the mobile Tekken will live up to the expectations of its many fans.