There is internal currency in the quiz Clover from VKontakte

25 May 2018

Surely many people have heard that the social network VKontakte has launched a mobile quiz with cash prizes. Previously, in order to win, it was necessary to answer all the questions correctly. Not everyone was able to do this, but now the prizes can be obtained even for a simple login to the game.

Unfortunately, we are not talking about real cash prizes, which will still only go to those who answer all the questions correctly. Everyone else can count on bonuses in the form of internal currency - clovers. But do not worry about this, because the last you can spend on buying more lives in the game, which will increase your chances of winning the grand prize, or some real goods.

It is reported that for logging into the game, users will receive 10 clovers. For each correct answer, even if you didn't make it to the end, you'll get 20 clovers, and those who finish the show will get 30 clovers. At the same time, the cost per additional life will be 299 shamrocks. As for actual merchandise, there's not much to choose from just yet. The first partner of the quiz was "Dodo Pizza", so the internal currency of the game so far can only eat. However, the representatives of the social network promise that in the future the number of partners will be increased, which means that for the clovers will be possible to buy more product options.

Everyone can begin to earn clovers, as well as to compete for the main cash prize. To do this, just install the current version of the application Clover on your mobile device.