Huawei smartphones soon will not be able to put unofficial firmware

28 May 2018
Huawei has given an unpleasant surprise to enthusiasts and developers. The fact is that soon it will be impossible to unlock the bootloader on the company's smartphones.The program, which previously allowed unlocking the bootloader of Huawei and Honor smartphones, will be closed very soon. Recall that it was carried out in partnership with a community of mobile developers XDA Developers. According to Huawei representatives, the company will stop sending unlock codes for existing smartphones 60 days after the official announcement, which is dated May 24, 2018. After the announced period, owners of smartphones of the company will not be able to install unofficial firmware on their gadgets. For ordinary users this will hardly be a problem, but it will cause serious inconvenience for developers. Nevertheless, all owners of Huawei and Honor smartphones, even if they are not planning to install unofficial firmware, are recommended to get the bootloader unlock code while it is still possible, just in case.