Apple will allow the use of NFC in third-party apps

28 May 2018
Apple is testing a more open access to NFC on its gadgets. It looks like third-party developers will finally be able to access the corresponding module.Recall that previously it was only possible to use the NFC module on iPhone gadgets in the Apple Pay application. This is due to the fact that access to it was blocked for third-party applications. Many users of the company's devices have been dissatisfied with this situation, given the richer opportunities of using NFC on competitors' devices. The Core NFC framework, introduced last year, could not save the situation. With it, third-party apps were able to access the corresponding module, but it required the necessity to unlock the device and launch the necessary application. In addition, the framework's capabilities proved insufficient. It seems that Apple has finally realized its mistake and is preparing to make NFC available for everyone. It is reported that the Cupertino giant is already testing a more open access to NFC. Thus, employees of the company already use their smartphones to open the doors at Apple Park. To do this, they simply attach their iPhones to the locks equipped with NFC. It is most likely that the new NFC features on Apple gadgets will be presented at the WWDC 2018 conference, which will be held in June. The innovation will reach ordinary users with the update of iOS 12.