2GIS has got an apartment search function

29 May 2018
The 2GIS service continues to delight users with new features. Previously, it helped find the entrance to an organization on the map. Now, a similar function is available for entrances to residential buildings.Thus, 2GIS users can now build exact routes not only to the necessary house, but also to the entrance. According to the developers, the relevant data were collected by the company's pedestrian specialists. It is interesting that the range of apartments is specified for most entrances. It means that you can find the right entrance to a residential building, knowing only its address and the desired apartment number. It is worth adding that the innovation has already worked in Moscow, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg on May 28. The launch of the new feature in other cities in Russia, as well as Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan is expected on June 1. Anyone interested in trying out the innovation is recommended to download the current version of the 2GIS application for Android or iOS on their gadget and keep an eye out for updates.