Yandex.Browser has anti-mining protection

13 March 2018
These days, more and more sites are starting to use hidden miners to make extra profit at the expense of ordinary users. Of course, this negatively affects their computers. Finally, Yandex has introduced anti-mining protection in its browsers.It is fair to say that some anti-mining protection in Yandex.Browser appeared last fall. At that time, the browser learned to block unwanted scripts from the list compiled by the developers. Nevertheless, new mining tools appear every day and Yandex.Browser has learned only now how to effectively combat them. The company's updated browser has the ability to automatically find and block mining scripts. To do this, the program will analyze the CPU load on the computer while browsing certain sites. In case of a sharp increase in its load, the browser will search for a mining script and block it if detected. The new feature is already available for everyone. Yandex.Browser users can try it out both on computers and mobile devices running Android or iOS.