Yandex will close the service that has been in operation for over 10 years

12 March 2018
An unpleasant surprise awaits Yandex.Photos users. The service will cease to exist before the end of spring, but, as assured by the company's representatives, there is no threat to users' photos.Yandex specialists note that with the growing popularity of social networks and cloud storage, fewer and fewer users are uploading photos to Foto. In this regard, it was decided to drop support for the service. But this does not mean that users' valuable memories will be destroyed. Instead, all uploaded photos will be transferred to Yandex.Disk, where they will be stored in special folders, along with all comments and information about views. It is reported that the photos will not take up space on the cloud. At the same time, users will be able not only to view, but also edit photos at any time, and all private albums will remain private after the move. The move of user data to the cloud storage is scheduled for April 27. Everyone can start transferring their photos to Disk right now. To do this, just click on "Move to Yandex.Disk". This process will take some time, but once it starts, functions of adding new photos and editing old ones will be no longer available. There's still some time left before the move begins and everyone can say goodbye to the familiar service, or save your photos elsewhere.