Shared rides became available in Yandex.Taxi

20 December 2017
Representatives of Yandex.Taxi announced the launch of a new service for shared rides, called "Combo". By ordering a trip in a new way passengers will be able to save money, but will go with fellow travelers.It is reported that the cost of the trip on "Combo" will be 20-40% lower than on the tariff "Economy". When choosing a destination, a special algorithm will check it against the routes of other users of the service and find those who go in the same direction. Even if there are no hitchhikers, the cost of travel will not be increased. If, however, the car will be a few passengers traveling to different points, the route can undergo small changes. For example, in order to take one customer, the driver may need to make a detour and then return to the main route. Of course, this will cause an increase in travel time, but will not affect the cost of the trip and, according to company representatives, will not delay the passenger more than 15 minutes. It is worth adding that while "combo" operates only when ordering rides from Domodedovo. However, the launch in other airports and districts of Moscow and nearby Moscow region is planned in the near future. As for other cities in Russia, there is as yet no information on the launch of the service for joint rides from Yandex.Taxi.