Wargaming will help you see World War II tanks in real size

20 December 2017
Everyone has probably heard about the game World of Tanks. Every day a huge number of fans watch the tank battles on the screens of their PCs and mobile devices. Now, the developers have provided an opportunity to witness the battle in a new way.It is about the launch of another mobile application from Wargaming, which is called World of Tanks AR. It was developed in cooperation with Rostelecom and is currently available only for Apple gadgets. The application uses ARKit platform and allows everyone to see the combat vehicles of World War II in real size. In addition, the application will help take pictures with the tank, or create a small 15-second video of the battle of the Soviet T-44-100 with the German "Tiger" and share with friends. Another interesting feature of World of Tanks AR, which certainly will appeal to fans, is the ability to consider the tank T-44-100 in detail, learn more about its characteristics, as well as get visual and voice historical information. All owners of mobile devices running iOS can try out World of Tanks AR. It is still unclear whether to expect the release of the application on Android.