Android virus withdraws funds from users' accounts

29 March 2019

The day before it became known about a virus that steals funds from users of banking applications and online wallets.

Group-IB company, working in the field of investigations and prevention of cybercrimes, detected suspicious activity of a virus on Android - Trojan Gustuff. It is said in an official report. It also noted that it is a special type of malware, masquerading as legitimate software. Trojans aim to withdraw funds from users of banking apps, cryptocurrency wallets and online stores around the world.

Вирус на Android выводит средства со счетов пользователей

However, it is noted that the virus has not spread to banks in Russia. Basically, the Trojan affected the mobile applications of such banks as Bank of America, Bank of Scotland, J.P. Morgan, PayPal, eBay, Skype, WhatsApp, Gett Taxi and some others.

It is worth noting that some time ago, in July 2018, a dangerous virus - Trojan Anubis was found on Android smartphones. It inhabited apps from Google Play. Cybercriminals could disguise the virus in dozens of Android programs - financial assistants, car apps or online stores.