Vivo showed a smartphone with an on-screen fingerprint scanner

11 January 2018
Finally, what many have been waiting for has happened. Vivo introduced the first smartphone with a fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen. The demonstration took place in Las Vegas, during the CES-2018 exhibition.It is reported that the presented smartphone has a Synaptics scanner. Production of these devices was launched in December 2017. They allow you to unlock the gadget, confirm the identity of the user when making payments and in many other cases. At the same time, the graphic display of the sensor will appear on the smartphone screen only when it is necessary to recognize fingerprints, not distracting at other times.It is worth adding that the device is fully ready for mass production. It is still difficult to say when it will appear on the global market, but the full announcement of the smartphone will take place in the near future, in early 2018.