The first flexible smartphone from Samsung may see the light before the end of the year

10 January 2018
Samsung has been rumored to be working on a gadget with a flexible screen for several years. At first, the smartphone was expected to be released in June 2016, after which a relevant patent was published. Then, many waited for the announcement of the device, called "Galaxy X", during Q3 in 2017, but the Korean company is still in no hurry to present its flexible smartphone to the world. And now, when many have already despaired of waiting, new information about this device has appeared.According to the Korean resource The Electronic Times, Samsung plans to move from development to production from the end of this year. Most likely, the company will be able to start creating flexible displays closer to September, and by November it will begin mass production of the Galaxy X smartphones. It is expected that Samsung will position the flexible gadgets as a "super premium" class device, which means not only superiority over other premium smartphones in characteristics and features, but also a significant gap in price. Certainly not in a smaller way. We can only hope that the flexible smartphone from Samsung will justify its high price and that the manufacturer will not move the release date again for another year.