VKontakte will notify about the readiness of community administrators to answer users' questions

19 December 2017
The developers of the social network VKontakte continue to please with interesting innovations. This time, they have added a new feature for communities, notifying about the presence of administrators in the network and their readiness to answer any questions in the nearest future.Now community administrators can activate the "Online" status, when they are ready in real time to answer questions from potential customers. You can do this in the community messaging section. After activation, a block with a green indicator will be displayed on the right side of the page. According to the developers, the innovation is already used by a number of social network partners, including 220 Volt, Dom.ru, Post Bank, Maxim cab, adidas football, DRoP!, INGLOT Russia, Playstation, Proskater, S7 and Qlean. For all other communities whose administrations are quick to respond to customer messages, the innovation will be available in the near future.