Odnoklassniki makes it easier to create large publications

18 December 2017
Good news awaits all Odnoklassniki social network fans. Now, it has become even more convenient to create long publications, thanks to the introduction of a special tool.In the official blog of the social network, the developers announced the launch of a new platform for voluminous publications. Thanks to the new form, users will get an opportunity to create with ease so-called longrides with a lot of dough, as well as additional materials of different formats: photos, videos, music, etc. The new form will also allow users to add certain files to the publication quickly and easily change their location, simply by dragging them to any place in the text. The developers added simultaneous uploading of several photos or videos with the ability to add text, smiles, music tracks and polls between them. The innovation is available for everyone in the web version of the Odnoklassniki social network. Everyone can try it out.