Owners of new iPhones complain about blown batteries

03 October 2017
The recent launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus did not cause much excitement in our country. And now it seems that interest in the new product from Apple may completely come to naught, due to the discovery of a rather serious problem.The fact is that the Taiwanese media recently reported the first case of iPhone 8 Plus screen extrusion. The reason for this was the bloated battery of the gadget. After the victim from Taiwan, a buyer of the new iPhone from Japan reported a similar case. According to him, the smartphone arrived to him with a bloated battery right out of the store. Many people have probably already drawn a parallel between the infamous gadgets Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the new iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, rumors began to spread that the production of batteries for both gadgets was the same company - ATL (Amperex Technology Limited). However, this information has not yet been officially confirmed. It is worth adding that Apple representatives have already been notified about the problems with the battery of the iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, according to them, the cause of the malfunction is already known and the company is investigating it.