Navitel Navigator will warn owners of Apple gadgets about restrictions on trucks

02 October 2017
Good news for users of the Navitel Navigator app for iOS. The thing is that now the navigation application has become even more informative.Mostly, the innovations are designed for truck drivers, but will also be useful for those who often make international trips. Now, the navigator allows you to select the type of transport in the main menu of the program. If the user has specified a truck, the program will build routes taking into account all existing restrictions, in accordance with the selected class of vehicle. The second pleasant innovation was the introduction of an algorithm for calculating travel time, taking into account the delay at border crossings. This will help to get a more accurate picture of the situation at the checkpoint and make the estimated time of arrival at the destination more accurate. Among other innovations, it is worth noting the improvement of navigation in tunnels, adding the display of exit numbers, the creation of an additional voice package in Finnish, as well as reducing memory consumption gadget and an overall increase in stability of the program, thanks to a number of corrections made. To try out new features can each owner of mobile devices from Apple. To do this, just install Navitel Navigator version 9.9 on your iPhone or iPad.