Yandex.Browser for Android has widget support

02 October 2017
Android-gadget owners will soon have access to an interesting new feature of Yandex.Browser that simplifies access to the most important information from the Internet. We are talking about the use of widgets, which have recently appeared in the alpha-version of the program.It is reported that the widgets will be visible each time a new tab is opened. With the new feature, browser users will be able to read current news and quickly get information about the weather, as well as many other things, without visiting the relevant sites. At the same time, widgets can be easily disabled in the menu or with a long press, if their use seems inconvenient to the user. It is worth adding that work on the widgets, as well as on alternative variants of the Tableau and the design of the new tab, has not yet been completed. This means that the new feature, by the time testing ends, may have undergone a number of changes and become even more convenient. And when the final version of Yandex.Browser for Android with widget support will be released is still unknown.