A lightweight version of Gmail for Android is out

19 February 2018

Last year, Google released a light version of the YouTube application, designed for weak and budget mobile devices. It seems that the company does not plan to stop there. Not long ago Google Maps Go and Google Assistant Go were released, and now the turn came to Gmail application.

Like previous applications from Google with the postfix "Go" (except perhaps Files Go), the new mobile client Gmail is designed for budget gadgets with little memory, and is suitable for use in places with unstable Internet access. After installation, the program takes only 25 MB, which is almost 2 times less than the usual version of the mail application from Google. Also, it feels great on devices with 1 GB of RAM or less, although it provides access to most Gmail features. For example, the program automatically divides incoming messages into folders, displays notifications in a timely manner, and also has a function of protection from spam and blocking unwanted emails. Interestingly, Gmail Go can work simultaneously with several accounts, even those registered in other email services.

A lightweight version of the Google's mail service client, Gmail Go, is already available for download. However, its installation requires the latest version of Android (8.1 Oreo).