WhatsApp blocked in China

19 July 2017
Security analysts have confirmed that the Chinese government is behind the messaging problems. It is likely that this partial blocking of the messenger, owned by Facebook, could gradually grow into a complete blocking of the service. If WhatsApp is finally blocked, it will add to the list of blocked services, which is already growing day by day. Over the past few months, new stories about censorship in the country have repeatedly emerged, including the banning of three major Chinese websites for online streaming of audio and video content and the forced auditing of some websites. The complete blocking of WhatsApp in the country will play into the hands of the Chinese service WeChat, which has already gained great popularity among users in the Middle Kingdom. As a rule, the blocking of many external services and applications is beneficial for internal market participants. For example, the departure of Google has contributed to the significant growth of the search service Baidu, and Weibo has become practically a monopolist in microblogging after Twitter was blocked. So far, Facebook has not responded in any way to the Chinese government.