Windows 10 will get a built-in tool to clear PC memory of unnecessary files

23 January 2017
Microsoft continues to improve its latest operating system, equipping it with more and more useful features. This time, the developers decided to please users with the introduction of a tool for cleaning PCs from junk files.Previously, for this purpose the owners of personal computers had to install third-party programs, the most common of which is CCleaner. And although not everyone will give up the usual PC cleanup tool, the appearance of a similar solution embedded in the operating system will be a very useful innovation. It is worth adding, however, that compared to third-party products, the capabilities of the new Microsoft tool, which is called "Storage Sense", were somewhat modest. The thing is that it only allows you to automatically empty your PC Recycle Bin once every 30 days, and to clean up unused temporary files. Of course, these functions are disabled by default and if you want, users can enable or disable them at any time, as well as to check the possibility of freeing the memory of your device in manual mode. The new feature can already use the insider Windows 10 members who have installed the OS build number 15014. Everyone else will get access to Storage Sense closer to April of this year, when the Creators Update will be released.