One of the most popular messengers for lovers, Avocado, closes

23 January 2017
Nowadays, there are already a huge number of messengers, the most popular of which are WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. As a rule, they allow you to communicate with family, friends or colleagues at work, as well as complete strangers, including in group chats. At the same time, there are also special programs for lovers to communicate. One such messenger - Avocado, will very soon cease to exist.In their official blog, representatives of the service announced the closure of Avocado on February 28 this year. Thus, couples that use the corresponding applications will be able to congratulate each other on St. Valentine's Day and then start looking for some alternative applications to communicate with their beloved one-to-one. The developers themselves also proposed several options that are the closest to Avocado in terms of functionality. Among these were the Between, and Slack apps. It's worth adding that the developers also made sure that the current users of the closing Avocado could save the precious memories and history of communication with their significant other. The message history export feature is available in the web version of the service, in the settings section.