Microsoft is porting the popular strategy Age of Empires: Castle Siege to Android in March

20 January 2017
Surely many people remember the good old Age of Empires strategy games, the first of which was released back in 1997 and immediately won the hearts of a huge number of players. A lot of time has passed since then and a lot of "Age of Empires" were released, including HD re-release of the second part of the game with a number of paid DLC, and also AoE: Castle Siege, which will soon become available for Android-gadgets owners.Now Age of Empires: Castle Siege can be played only by owners of devices running Windows 10 and iOS. Despite the support of such a small number of platforms, the number of players has already reached almost 5 million. And this is not surprising, because the game is one of the few full-fledged real-time strategy for mobile devices. It allows you to build and develop your own castles, as well as to raid the possessions of other players. Moreover, in Castle Siege the system of rewards and achievements is implemented, and one of its main features is the full control over the units in the battle, that makes it more close to the table RTS. Age of Empires: Castle Siege is expected to be released in March of this year. Moreover, thanks to the use of a single engine on all platforms, players will be able to easily synchronize their progress between all their devices.