Xiaomi announced a smart electric bike

24 February 2020

Another unusual thing from Youpin (which is Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform). The company presented an electric bicycle to the public. It's called No. 9 Electric Bicycle C40.

Image from xiaomi4mi.com

Externally the vehicle looks like a moped. However, the impression is false - the pedals are in place. Sometimes you will have to twist them. Lazy people are better to buy something else.

Weight of the No. 9 Electric Bicycle C40 is about 55 kg. Its battery lasts for 45 km of travel. Not a bad range. The batteries are recharged by braking(thanks to the recuperation system).

Claims synchronization with your smartphone. The mobile companion application can do a lot. For example, to switch between Parking and Drive modes. The software also serves to unlock the engine.

Image from ithome.com

In addition, No. 9 Electric Bicycle C40 pleases with cruise control. Special mention should be made of the presence of EABS and a shock-absorbing fork. GPS and Beidou modules are responsible for navigation.

The length of the No. 9 Electric Bicycle C40 is less than 1.6m. Pre-orders are accepted on the Youpin website. Asking for a novelty $ 600. A nice bonus: the price includes helmet and shipping.

Release date to be announced later.